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Drake n' Bake (Naptown Mix) [Drake Younger]
BEAT: Joel Stockmeier

Starting at 1:56, I describe Drake and Sami Callihan's 2 out of 3 falls match at CZW's Cinco de Mayo event in 2012. This was the last CZW match Drake had before he started using the theme. The first fall was a normal match, with the second being contested under "submission only" rules. The third fall was an ultraviolent war.

Drake Younger is beter than ever!
I'm lean, I'm mean, I'm clean, I'm serene!

Gettin' fans riled, workin' a strong style.
People stand up and chant loud when he walks down the aisle.
A hundred percent hybrid talent.
Grapples on the mat. High flies, and does deathmatches.

Second time in TOD, exiled Brain Damage.
Threw a hard fist to the chin.
Drew a gallon of ooze from the forehead.
A short thread of skin blows in the wind. It's danglin'.

Feel ya spine smash in from the Drake's Landin', ya got
both of your arms locked in...
like David Lynch; an Eraserhead.
All the huge cuts make you produce adrenaline.

Gaspin' for oxygen, breathe it all in.
Take a bump like Gage where the tubes are standin'.
The shit's insane when I'm parked at ringside!
Drake met Damage again at TOD 9.


Many places. Many federations. He's appeared in
CZW and Absolute Intense Wrestlin'.
The King of Naptown he has been crowned.
From Philly to Japan, people stand in the crowd.

Every match, tears it up with suplex variations.
Pushin' limitations every time you're spectatin'.
When he hit the scene, he was the Hybrid Sensation.
Powerslam. Through a table off of the apron.

Him and JC Bailey pulled off moves that were amazin'.
Flapjack, or a Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam.
Even to this day, new gold he accumulates!
Jr. Heavyweight, the latest title in his case.

Finally, after three tries, you're the Best of the Best champion.
I hope you're enjoying, I hope you're celebrating...
but you see, I think you, uh...failed to realize one small thing.
Mother fxcker, I'm Drake Younger! I'm a whoop your fxckin' ass!
And I'm gonna make you bleed from one coast to another!

Drake and Sami Callihan had the stipulation
two of three falls; a normal match was first.
Second is a submission fall, and the third is an
ultraviolent war between two warriors.

Drake was spillin' blood on the canvas, man.
If ya missed the competition, buy the stream fast.
'Cause I promise this contest don't lack.
Snap belly to back, in a pile of tacks.

The first fall came fast. Drake rolled him up.
Sami got pissed. Struck Drake with a hard-hitting plancha.
Knocked him in a first row seat. Didn't look pretty.
Later on, Drake's blood flew freely.

Ring; littered with debris and puddles of blood.
He did it for his family and every single one of the fans worldwide
That watched him in the Dub.
Or anywhere else he would professionally wrestle.

TOD 6. A tourney not to miss.
Drake's chest scarred with the evidence of this event.
Hundreds of other incisions from
many appearances in epic deathmatches.

Feel like a mess, after the frog splash.
You're gonna wanna stretch when you make it to the back.
Feel your spine jolt from the somersault senton.
This time around, you were quickly shut down.

You're fxckin' with ME now!
You have no idea what you're gettin' into...
because I'm a make you bleed all over Indiana
I'm gonna make you bleed!
What you know...what you know about Smyrna?
What you know about Fear in Frightland, Middletown, Delaware?

I was winnin' titles for this company when you was wrestlin' pirates in Cleveland!
You wanna take low blows at me, you wanna take shots at me, you wanna come at me...
you must think I've gotten soft or something. You must think I'm not the same Drake Younger.
You must think just because I got married and because a dad...
you must think I'm not that same psycho shootin' mother fxcker
whose gone around this world and won deathmatch tournaments all over the place!