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Classic, Timeless Merch [The Rock]

This track is about the late 90's "Attitude" wrestling era.

February 3rd, '97, Monday Night Raw
expanded to a two hour format.
The classic Attitude era beginning to show the things
that would become mainstream standard wrestling history.

Before my eyes witnessed the industry climb.
In late '95, I saw this era show it's signs.
March 10th, 1997.
RAW IS WAR was now officially branded.

Mick Foley put my ass in this seat. I saw those signs in the crowd.
I had heat. Turner's brand was cheap.

Nash gave up the title to Hogan from a poke in the chest.
At that point, to me, they laid to rest.
RAW IS WAR in '99, incredibly amazing time.
Gund Arena merch booth, immaculate finds.

Should have spent a grand there.
If I could pull money out of thin air, like a billionaire, you know I swear
I would have bought 3 of each tee. One to wear,
one to hang on my wall, so I can stare; the other sealed off from air.

Keep it in brand new condition.
In case the one that I wear or the back up goes missin'.
In that case, located somewhere in my place would be the
classic, timeless merch with the Brahma Bull. No mistakes.

Top-tier gimmick molded from the ground up.
The catchphrases were successful, the talent's cut of
merchandise sales must have been a heapin' helpin'.
The RAW IS WAR storylines were always well written.

Entertaining. Engaging.
Arranging storylines which were infused with amazing
characters, gimmicks, bumps and stipulation matches.
Classics. Need to take a look up in my attic.

What classics have I lost to time?
Which ones will I find if I climb up where the grime stacks high?
Which pieces have been given away?
Up in the attic, some stay, but the bulk of them were lost someday.

Feverously purchasing merchandising sporting
endorsing from Titan Sports '93.
Collecting merch from every era, turns back my clock
to the time I was in the same building as The Rock.

During his peak in '99. Austin also shined.
Spent some time in the line to buy merchandise.
Al Snow didn't wrestle, it was a disappointment.
He still appeared on the Titan Tron with a grin!

Rocky Maivia, third generation superstar.
Blue trunks, curly hair, that gimmick didn't take him far.
In the NOD, took away the Rocky. Became the Rock.
Later turned face, then made movies.

One of the all-time classics, champ during his prime.
Finally, he's come back to Cleveland another time.
On the We Gotta Wrestle CD, you can hear the first
version of his theme. It's unique; impressed me!

The Volume 2 version is a whole different style,
with a xylophone and squealing's wild.
But the first version I recommend. Pick it up online.
It ain't sold in the store you're standing in.

They have no comprehension of classic, timeless merch.
No idea what a sealed wrestling buddy is worth.
No idea how much a suplex really hurts when you're
slammed on the concrete. Anything for heat!