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Precise and High-Risk (Innovative With A Twist) [Sabu]

I thought ya knew the extremes he put his body through.
The bruises yellow and blue when razor wire tears into the bicep.
Sabu just used a chair for an extra step when he leapt over the top rope.
Felt a lump in my throat.

Pointin' to the skies; don't take him for a joke.
Take it to the ground? You'll choke.
Take it to the air? We all know he ain't afraid of the ground below.
Be it covered in tacks, razor wire or just the bare mat.

How many of you can say that?
I bet he'll lay ya flat. Bet you'll tip your hat.
Bet you'll voluntarily drop to the mat.
He cuts no slack. Holds nothing back.

The real deal in Japan, a proven fact. Right arm slashed.
His jaw cracked when he leapt over the top rope.
Slammed his face and his throat into the guard railing.
Impaling opponent's flesh with a spike in the boot. It's entertainment success.

Might make a mess with all the juice he's spewin'.
All the blood he's losin'. All the fearless obstacles he's proven.
A student of the Sheik. Opponent of the meek.
High flying razor wire shredded freak.

Usin' Krazy Glue to close cuts, does he need a shrink?
Does he need to stop and think? What the hell am I doing to myself?
Just so these fans can enjoy the high risk?
Well, in Japan he had a career, but Paul E. brought him overseas

to compete in the Land of Extreme. Luckily, he came back.
'Cause he left. 'Cause he had no contract.
Broke neck twice. Felt his bicep slice when he went for Air Sabu.
Funk moved; the wire went through his flesh. Nice!

Tape it up, like a trooper! Funk was in a stupor
when they cut 'em out of the tangled wreck.
Thankfully, their eyeballs stayed intact.
Major impact, stretcher match with RVD, brutality to say the least.

No fear. Legendary on the top tier.
It's clear that he tears the house down when he appears.
A signature style, high-flying, all the while
precise and high risk, innovative with a twist.

The fans thrived on his dives, they made us alive with energy.
Table usage pioneered in those times.
Sabu's name on the signs. A classic, SVR 2008.
Those times were great. Erased the slate. Raised the stakes.

Crazy risk he takes and walks away unscathed.
Though it may appear this way I'm sure his morning's filled with pain.
Unwrapping gauze with a blood stain.
Migraine. Wrist sprain. Table flame, 3rd degree.

Joe B met Terry Funk through him. I knew when I saw the gruesome scene of the
unwrapping of the wiring from their mangled frames, they're kings of pain.
Inhumane. Never once fail to entertain.
Can't explain how their paths ended up in this lane, but it's all good.

We know he should get more respect,
but what's left of the old fanbase always appreciates.
He was trained by the Sheik, his uncle. Sabu the Elephant Boy.
Classic feud with Atsushi Onita. FMW; accrued many of his famous scars.