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Outrageous Glam Rock band WRATHCHILD formed in 1981 from the ashes of Evesham band SINNER. The band became well known throughout the UK for their over the top stage shows and ideas, even though much of it was obviously attained on a severely restricted budget. Nevertheless, the quartet's towering stackheels and infamous confetti bazooka made them a household name. Lead vocalist Rocky Shades (under his real name of Robert Berkeley) had previously been a member of TITAN, the band that also supplied guitarist Maz Mitrenko to HANDSOME BEASTS.

The original WRATHCHILD line-up comprised of Shades, Angel, guitarist Phil 'Wrathchild' Vokins and ex-ROUGH JUSTICE and GRIM REAPER drummer Brian 'Thunderburst' Parry. The first version of the band employed a 70s Glam styled image, which saw Shades donning a white cloak and cracking a whip onstage, prior to the mascara, leather, spikes and studs they became notorious for. Indeed, Angel was credited with "special effect trousers", Volkins with "downmarket chic" and Parry as "near normality".

Shortly after, the group added guitarist Lance Rocket (Lance Perkins) and drummer Eddie Starr (Edward Smith). Both these new recruits had been drafted from MEDUSA, a local act fronted by a pre-GRIM REAPER Steve Grimmet. Vokins later gave his services to ex-BLACK SABBATH drummer BILL WARD's band MAX HAVOC and PERSIAN RISK, whilst Parry left to join ORIGINAL SIN.

Having achieved further notoriety for their wonderfully packaged demos, including February 1982's 'Mascara Massacre', the Stoke based Bullet Records offered the Evesham Glamsters the chance of making their vinyl debut with a singles deal. This union resulting in the 'Stackheel Strutt' 12" EP appearing in March 1983, recorded at Ebony and produced by the band in association with Ebony label boss Darryl Johnston, and the ensuing 'Do You Want My Love' single a while later. WRATHCHILD contracted with Wolverhampton based Heavy Metal Records for their opening album, June 1984's 'Stakk Attak', recorded at DJM Studios in London and produced by former MAGNUM guitarist ROBIN GEORGE. First single would be a cover version of GARY GLITTER's 'Alrite With The Boyz'.

The band attracted plaudits galore for their determined performances opening for W.A.S.P. on the US Shock Rock crew's debut UK tour in 1984, WRATHCHILD attempting to steal the headliner's glory every night ensuring a few more copies of the 'Stakk Attakk' album, issued through Heavy Metal Records, were sold the next day in local stores. As it transpired, WRATHCHILD actually outsold W.A.S.P. on the ticket count in many towns.

However, just when it looked as if they were about to seriously breakthrough, WRATHCHILD retired from the forefront of the UK Glam scene amidst seemingly insurmountable business problems. These would be initiated as major label RCA Records tried, unsuccessfully, to extract the band from the Heavy Metal contract. However, the band's name was kept in public gaze with the release of the 1986 video compilation 'War Machine'.

To make matters worse, according to the band, a name American manager landed the band with huge debts during this period. The band actually split for a while with Shades bizarrely turning up for a brief tenure as punk act DISCHARGE's lead vocalist in February 1987. Meantime, Lance enrolled into Gothic band BANG BANG MACHINE.

WRATHCHILD re-emerged in 1988 with their long-awaited second album, 'The Biz Suxx', after apparently settling their legal problems with Heavy Metal, with whom the band remained signed. The album marked a slightly different look, image-wise, for the group who were able to cut the all important promo clip for the 'Nukklear Rokket' single. The video was directed by IRON MAIDEN vocalist BRUCE DICKINSON who also put in a cameo appearance. Further legal distractions marred progress in 1989 when the band took on the Baltimore based American act WRATHCHILD on Atlantic Records in an effort to state ownership of the name. The Brits won the case with the Americans re-titling themselves WRATHCHILD AMERICA.

A third album, the self-produced 'Delirium' recorded in Wales and featuring Steve Grimmet on backing vocals, appeared in 1989 on Heavy Metal's mother label FM Revolver but the group soon ground to a halt. Following the demise of WRATHCHILD Rocky Shades formed ONE TRACK AND DIRTY in 1992 with a line-up comprising of the vocalist , ex-CRY HADES guitarist Nick Hicks and drummer Hugh Lyford, former CHRISTINE SIXTEEN guitarist Steve Hazel and former FATCAT bassist Gary Ware. Following a few dates ONE TRACK AND DIRTY split, unable to secure a deal.